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Welcome.  If you have found this page, please understand it is under construction and a trial run for existing clients in the Parry Sound area only.

Please continue below to learn more!

How this works...


Gather friends and family

Gather friends and family

Gather friends and family

I arrive at your home or cottage with everything needed for a massage.  You choose what length of treatment you'd like and who else is having massages at your place. 

60 Minutes ... $125

90 Minutes ... $150

2 Hours ... $200

I will post the dates available on my Facebook Group.

All prices plus HST.

The following discounts apply to the existing client and all people they have in the group.


Discover your discounts

Gather friends and family

Gather friends and family

Then I offer some discounts based on...

You have more than 1 person receiving massages ... -$10 each

You have your own massage 

table ... -$10 each

If you are a regular client (book at least once per month) ... -$10 each

If all 3 of the criteria are met -$30

off the listed price 

to the left. 

If 2 of the criteria -$20

If 1 of the criteria -$10


Book your massages

Gather friends and family

Book your massages

Then you go to my booking site by clicking the button below. 

Select the service

"Mobile Massage Therapy Request" 

Then choose the length of service

Select a Practitioner 

"Stacey Barrett Mobile Parry Sound"

Complete the booking for each person at your location.

I will respond as soon as possible.